Our mission here at SASGURUS is both modest and extensive. Our goal is to form the largest community of SAS® users, where members can learn from each other and share their experiences in a way they can nowhere else. Here at SASGURUS, SAS® experts are ready to share their extensive knowledge with others. Join us today and become a mentor or consultant, contributing to our pool of SAS® knowledge. Or, if you need a consultant or mentor, find what you’re looking for within our growing community.
We pride ourselves in being the one place where SAS® users can come together for an intimate, knowledge-sharing experience no matter where they are in the world or what their level of expertise is. More than anything, SASGURUS wants to be the platform that brings everything together for SAS® users. We support SAS® users in all their endeavors and fully encourage the sharing of tips, tricks, and ideas that can help our community’s SAS® knowledge grow.