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Become a Mentor
The position of mentor is open to anyone with 10 or more years of experience as a SAS user, certification, and publication in the field. We encourage you to become a mentor not only for your own personal satisfaction, improved sense of self worth, and financial compensation, but also for the incredible personal fulfilment you’ll experience at having helped someone else in the field grow professionally.
Mentors often find their career is re-energized and their status amongst their peers is elevated. They find themselves viewed as an industry expert, or even just an expert in their specific subject. This can increase your chances of earning a promotion and making connections. Become a mentor today and watch yourself transform into a much more well-rounded SAS user, with more to offer those SAS users you mentor.

Becoming a Mentee
If you’re looking for a mentor, look no further. We have a wide range of highly qualified mentors, ranging from CRO to Pharma, from NGO to Private/Public Institute, and so much more. Our mentors are men and women of different ages, stages of life, and career positions. If you choose to let one of SASGURUS mentors instruct you, the results will be incredible. There is no other community where you can obtain these skills in this intimate method.
Beyond helping you improve your SAS skills, our mentors assist in career development, as well as character development—improving your self-confidence along with your skills. The lessons you learn from our mentors will offer you industry insight like you’ve never received before by using specific, actionable lessons. We work to pair you with a mentor who has followed a similar path as you for the best results and to introduce you to a professional network that would otherwise take years to build and may not have been available.

Become Consultant
Consultants are a vital resource that we here at SASGURUS are not willing to waste. The demand for consultants in all segments of public and private industry is expanding by the day, and we are filling that need with our SAS experts and independent SAS users. If you have a marketable skill, the desire to specialize, and are persistent, you are just what we are looking for.
SAS is the leading system for accessing, managing, analyzing, and presenting data. Therefore, there is endless demand for those who are experts in their subject and it will only intensify as time goes on. Become a consultant now to assist other SAS users in a hands on way!

Find Consultant
One of the most daunting aspects of hiring a freelance consultant is the daily cost required to employee them. However, there is much more to consider when compared with a traditional employee, such as the provision of employee benefits and paid holidays and vacations. Hire a consultant and they will be available only when you need them, preventing a high overhead cost when you no longer need them, as they don’t need to be paid and kept on retainer.
Our SAS consultants are often experts in their field and provide many advantages over traditional employees. Consider hiring one today to suit your specific, individual needs.

Join venture Webinar
SASGURUS is happy to promote joint-venture webinars on a variety of topics. First, we develop a topic that both our audiences will be attracted to, then we teach that topic via a live webinar. It’s as simple as that! We will both promote the webinar to our various audiences, even sharing audiences during live workshops, where we will both be introduced to new individuals. In addition, we share the webinar registration list and expand our email lists. There are so many benefits to a joint venture webinar – contact us now for more information!